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icoUSBaseboard: FTDI Interfacebasis für das icoBoard

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icoUSBaseboard: FTDI interface board to run your icoBoard directly from your PC or Mac.... mehr
Produktinformationen "icoUSBaseboard: FTDI Interfacebasis für das icoBoard"

icoUSBaseboard: FTDI interface board to run your icoBoard directly from your PC or Mac.


The icoUSBase offers the possibility to program and power an icoBoard from an USB port on a PC or Mac. Is uses an FTDI FT2232H. It is for people who prefer to run the FPGA toolchain on their much faster workstation instead of a RaspberryPi.

The Linux software to load the bitstream to the Flash or SRAM of the icoBoard is avalilable at
Porting this programmer software to Apple Mac and Windows should be possible with minimal effort.

It is also possible to send data from and to the icoBoard from your workstation. The software for this is not yet developed.

Support for this board is provided by the icoBoard discussion group!forum/icoboard-and-icotc.

Attention: This board does only make sense if you use it together with an icoBoard.


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