Heatsink SuperGrip for TE0803

Heatsink SuperGrip for TE0803
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BGA Heat Sink - High Performance maxiFLOW/superGRIP - Low Profile Heat Sink Type: maxiFLOW... more
Product information "Heatsink SuperGrip for TE0803"

BGA Heat Sink - High Performance maxiFLOW/superGRIP - Low Profile

Heat Sink Type: maxiFLOW
Heat Sink Attachment: superGRIP


  • Designed for 23 x 23 mm components
  • Requires minimal space around the component’s perimeter; ideal for densely populated PCBs
  • Allows the heat sink to be detached and reattached without damaging the component or the PCB, an important feature in the event a PCB may need to be reworked
  • Strong, uniform attachment force helps achieve maximum performance from phase-changing TIMs
  • Eliminates the need to drill mounting holes in the PCB

Thermal Performance

Product Detail

Dimension A: 23.00 mm

Dimension B: 23.00 mm

Dimension C: 7.50 mm

Dimension D: 37.5 mm

TIM: T766

Finish: Blue-Anodized

  • Dimension A and B refer to component size
  • Dimension C is the heat sink height from the bottom of the base to the top of the fin field
  • Thermal performance data are provided for reference only. Actual performance may vary by application
  • ATS certifies that this heat sink assembly is RoHS-6 and REACH compliant

Manufacturer: ATS Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.

Manufacturer's article number: ATS Part#: ATS-X50230B-C1-R0

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