USB104 A7: Artix-7 FPGA Development Board with PC/104 form factor

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USB104 A7 brings power and versatility to your PC/104 stackable PC. The board measures 95.89 mm... more
Product information "USB104 A7: Artix-7 FPGA Development Board with PC/104 form factor"

USB104 A7 brings power and versatility to your PC/104 stackable PC. The board measures 95.89 mm x 90.17 mm and provides the standard mounting holes with standoffs included. The USB104 A7 features the industrial temperature rated Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A100T. Artix-7 devices provide the highest performance-per-watt fabric making the USB104 A7 ideal for size, weight, and power (SWaP) constrained projects. I/O is provided with on-board LEDs and push-buttons, and, of course, three 12-pin Pmod ports. A SYZYGY-compatible Zmod port is available as well, allowing for high-speed signal acquisition and generation. An onboard USB hub and controller conveniently interfaces the USB104 A7 with JTAG, UART, and a parallel data interface (DPTI) through a single connection. The DPTI data transfer interface provides host-to-FPGA data transfer and is easily managed with Digilent’s Adept 2 application. This ease of use and high-speed data transfer is especially useful for deployed systems. 

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  • Xilinx Industrial Temperature Rated Artix-7 FPGA (XC7A100T-1CSG324I)
  • 512 MB Micron DDR3 with 16-bit bus @ 800 or 667 MT/s depending on configurable
  • 16 MB Spansion Quad-SPI Flash
  • USB-JTAG Programming circuitry
  • USB-UART bridge
  • Adept DPTI/DSPI data transfer interface for high speed host to FPGA data transfer
  • Onboard USB hub eliminates the need for multiple USB cable connections
  • One standard SYZYGY port (Zmod)
  • Three standard Pmod ports
  • PCB adheres to PC/104 form factor and includes the standard mounting holes
  • Powered from a 5V external DC adapter attached to barrel jack or from USB header
  • Automatic switching between USB and external power, with external receiving preference  
  • NCP380 load switch limits USB current to 2 amps and reduces in-rush current

Demo/Project Links

Target Applications

  • Military & Defense
  • Industrial Automation
  • Transportation/Automotive
  • Embedded OEM
  • Telecommunications

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x USB104 A7-100T board with four 0.6" standoffs
  • 1 x 1.5m USB 2.0 A to B shielded cable
  • 1 x 30W, 5V, 6A power supply with US and EU adapters

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  • Manufacturer: Digilent Inc.
  • Manufacturer's article name: USB104 A7: Artix-7 FPGA Development Board in PC/104 Form Factor
  • Manufacturer's article number: 410-398


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