Spartan-3 FPGA XC3S1000-4FTG256C 1000K Micromodule

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expected to be available on 16-Oct-2018

  • TE0140-04BA
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Powerful Micromodule contains Spartan-3 FPGA and USB 2.0 Transceiver The FPGA Micromodule... more
Product information "Spartan-3 FPGA XC3S1000-4FTG256C 1000K Micromodule"

Powerful Micromodule contains Spartan-3 FPGA and USB 2.0 Transceiver

The FPGA Micromodule integrates a leading-edge Spartan-III 1000k gates FPGA, a USB2.0 transceiver, configuration Flash and power supply on a tiny footprint. A large number of configurable I/Os are provided via B2B mini-connectors. The majority of I/O voltages can be user-defined (16 x 3.3V / 6 x 2.5V / 98 x user configurable 1.2 to 3.3V).
Thus, the Micromodule is ideally suited for battery-powered and small-sized applications.

Combined with our carrier boards, the micromodule serves as a powerful system widely used for educational and research activities.

Key Features

  • Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA XC3S1000-4FTG256C
  • Xilinx Platform Flash XCF04 for in-system configuration
  • Power supply input via USB, or from a carrier board
  • 120 I/Os available on B2B connectors
  • Two bottom module board-to-board connectors ASE 50110-080 x 1-001 (1.4 mm contributed hight)
  • 1 x LED
  • 1 x push button
  • 16 kBit EEPROM
  • Programming is implemented via JTAG. (The required adaptor is not included)
  • 50,7mm x 43,6mm

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x TE0140-04BA Trenz Electronic Micromodule

Available for download

  • User's Manuals
  • Product Brief
  • Application Notes
  • Demo Project Files
  • Schematics and Placeplan
  • CAD Library Files
  • Data sheets of major components

Additional Information

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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