GigaBee XC6SLX150-3, 2 x 128 MByte SDRAM, industrial temperature range

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  • TE0600-03-83I11-A
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The predecessor of this article is TE0600-03IVF . All changes are in the Product Change... more
Product information "GigaBee XC6SLX150-3, 2 x 128 MByte SDRAM, industrial temperature range"

The predecessor of this article is TE0600-03IVF. All changes are in the Product Change Notification (PCN).

The Trenz Electronic TE0600-03-83I11-A GigaBee XC6SLX is an industrial FPGA micromodule integrating a leading-edge Xilinx Spartan-6 LX FPGA, Gigabit Ethernet transceiver (physical layer), two independent banks of 16-bit-wide 128 MBytes DDR3 SDRAM (optional 2 x 512 MByte DDR3 SDRAM in 2 banks), 16 MBytes SPI Flash memory for configuration and operation, and powerful switch-mode power supplies for all on-board voltages. A large number of configurable I/Os is provided via robust board-to-board (B2B) connectors.

All this on a tiny footprint, smaller than a credit card, at the most competitive price. Modules in 4 x 5 cm form factor are fully mechanically and largely electrically compatible among each other.

All parts are at least industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The module operating temperature range depends on customer design and cooling solution. Please contact us for options.

Sample Applications

  • Cryptographic hardware module
  • Digital signal processing
  • Embedded educational platform
  • Embedded industrial OEM platform
  • Embedded system design
  • Emulation platforms
  • FPGA graphics
  • Image processing
  • IP (intellectual property) cores
  • Low-power design
  • Parallel processing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Reconfigurable computing
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) development

Key Features

  • High performance Xilinx Spartan-6 LX FPGA, depending on model: LX45, LX100 or LX150
  • FPGA Design Security Solution
  • 10/100/1000 tri-speed Gbit Ethernet transceiver (PHY)
  • 2 independent 16-bit-wide 1 Gbit (128 MByte) DDR3 SDRAM
    (optional: 2 independent 4 Gbit (512 MByte) DDR3 SDRAM in 2 banks)
  • 128 Mbit (16 MByte) SPI Flash memory (for configuration and operation)
  • JTAG port (SPI indirect)
  • FPGA configuration through:
    - B2B connector
    - JTAG port
    - SPI Flash memory
  • Plug-on module with 2 × 100-pin high-speed hermaphroditic strips
  • Up to 52 differential, up to 109 single-ended (+ 1 dual-purpose) FPGA I/O pins available on B2B strips
  • High-efficiency DC-DC switching regulators
  • 125 MHz reference clock signal
  • Single-ended custom oscillator (option)
  • eFUSE bit-stream encryption (LX100 or larger)
  • 1 user LED
  • Evenly-spread supply pins for good signal integrity


  • Xilinx Spartan-6 XC6SLX150-3FGG484I FPGA
  • 10/100/1000 Gbit Ethernet transceiver (physical layer) Marvell Semiconductor 88E1111
  • 128 Mbit (16 MByte) serial Flash memory with dual/quad SPI interface
  • 48-bit node address chip Maxim Integrated Products DS2502-E48 (contains valid MAC adress)
  • 2 x fine-pitch (0.5 mm) 100-pin high-speed (up to 10.0 GHz / 20 Gbps) hermaphroditic strips LSHM-150-04.0-L-DV-A-S-K-TR
  • Up to 52 differential FPGA input/output pins available on B2B strips
  • Up to 109 single-ended (+ 1 dual-purpose) FPGA input/output pins available on B2B strips
  • Ethernet (PHY), JTAG and SPI pins available on B2B strips
  • 4.0 A high-efficiency DC-DC switching regulator for power rail 1.2V
  • 1.5 A high-efficiency DC-DC switching regulator for power rail 1.5V
  • 2 x 800 mA DC-DC linear regulator for power rails 2.5V and VCCAUX
  • Processor supervisory circuits with power-fail and watchdog Texas Instruments TPS3705-33
  • 125 MHz clock signal (system + user)
  • Footprint for custom single-ended oscillator (option)
  • Power supply voltage: 3.3V
  • Dimensions: 50 mm × 40 mm (20 cm²)
  • Stacking hight: 8 mm
  • Maximum height on carrier board surface: 12 mm (standard connectors)
  • Weight: 17.2 ± 0.1 g

Other assembly options for cost or performance optimization plus high volume prices available on request.

Recommended Software

for Trenz Electronic modules with Spartan-6 LX100/LX150

ISE Design Suite (purchase of a software license is necessary)

ISE design suite supports the Spartan-6, Virtex-6, and CoolRunner devices, as well as their previous generation families. ISE design suite runs on Windows XP/7/Server and Linux operating systems. Additionally, ISE supports Spartan-6 devices on Windows 10.

Download and further information:

Development Support

There is a base board available for this module.

Latest documentation, design support files and reference designs with source files are available for download free of charge.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x TE0600-03-83I11-A Trenz Electronic GigaBee module with Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA
  • 8 x screws
  • 4 x bolts

Additional Information

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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