AnalogMAX - ADI Sensor Hub

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  • TEI0010-02-08-C8
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AnalogMAX is part of the ultra low-cost MAX1000 series of boards from Trenz Electronic. It is a... more
Product information "AnalogMAX - ADI Sensor Hub"

AnalogMAX is part of the ultra low-cost MAX1000 series of boards from Trenz Electronic. It is a full featured sensor fusion board based on the MAX 10 Intel FPGA including the brand-new Smoke Detector ADPD188BI from Analog Devices.

 The chip integrates a highly efficient photometric front end, two LEDs, and a photodiode. The board also includes a fully calibrated single-chip temperature sensor (0.25°C, 16-Bit), MEMS accelerometer (3-axis), and compact 8-channel ADC/DAC/GPIO extender.

The data output and functional configuration occur over a 1.8 V I2C or SPI interface. 

Key Features

  • Intel MAX 10 FPGA 10M08SAU169C8G
  • Integrated smoke detector sensor IC, ADPD188BI
  • 64 MBit SPI FLASH with secure authentication
  • 64 MBit SDRAM
  • 0.25°C accurate, 16-Bit temperature sensor, ADT7320
  • 8-Channel configurable ADC/DAC/GPIO AD5592RBCPZ
  • 3-Axis acceleration sensor, ADXL362
  • Resistor Set Oscillator LTC1799
  • USB/JTAG programmer
  • Power Supply by ADI, DC/DC LT8607, LDO ADP160
  • User button, user reset button
  • Pmod and MKR for optional expansion boards
  • 8 LEDs
  • Preprogrammed Demo Application


  • Sensor nodes
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Test and Measurement
  • IoT Maker

Package Content

  • 1 x AnalogMAX ADI Sensor Hub Module

Additional Information

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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