CRUVI module with CO2 sensor SCD41

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Arrow Electronics and Trenz Electronic developed a very small and comprehensive module for... more
Product information "CRUVI module with CO2 sensor SCD41"

Arrow Electronics and Trenz Electronic developed a very small and comprehensive module for qualified CO2 measurements to support customers in their development and end products.
The CRUVI module (32 mm x 18 mm) includes Sensirion's new SCD41 miniature CO2 sensor. The SCD4x family has also an integrated humidity sensor and temperature sensor. To create full solutions with the CRUVI module and use it for condition monitoring applications, it also has an ambient light sensor and an ambient pressure sensor. For indication of a status or critical CO2 levels, an RGB LED can send out warning signals and a buzzer mounted on the bottom side of the module can generate acoustic signals.

The new CO2 sensor is based on the photoacoustic sensor principle and Sensirion’s patented PASens® and CMOSens® Technology to enable unmatched small sensor size combined with high performance. SMD compatibility and extremely compact dimensions enable cost-efficient and space-saving integration of customer designs. The integrated, industry-leading humidity and temperature sensor provides excellent on-chip signal compensation as well as additional RH and T outputs. With its large voltage range of 2.4 to 5.5V, insensitivity to external loads and adjustable power consumption, the SCD41 is ideal for a wide variety of customer requirements.

In order to achieve good measurement results, the DesignIn Guide from Sensirion should be observed.

Key Features

  • COSensor (humidity, temperature)
    • Sensirion SCD41
  • EEPROM memory
    • 24AA025E48T
  • Ambient Light Sensor
    • TSL25403M
  • Absolute Pressure Sensor
    • LPS22HBTR
  • On board
    • RGB LED (Visual signals/alarms)
    • Buzzer (Acoustic signals/alarms)
  • Power
    • 3.3V
  • Dimension
    •  32 mm x 18 mm

SCD41 – CO2 Sensor Modul

  • Integrated RH + T sensor
  • Smallest form factor
  • Large supply voltage range
  • Consistently accurate measurements due to superior mechanical robustness
  • Compatibility with all major standards
  • Lowest integration and product cost
  • Space and cost-effective assembly due to reflow solderability


CO2 Sensor Accuracy Specified Range Low-Power-Mode
SCD40 ±(50 ppm + 5 % of reading) 400 ppm - 2'000 ppm no
SCD41 ±(40 ppm + 5 % of reading) 400 ppm - 5'000 ppm yes


Other assembly options for cost or performance optimization plus high volume prices available on request.

Development Support

Latest documentation, design support files and reference designs with source files are available for download free of charge.

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 x CR00040-01-41 Trenz Electronic CRUVI Modul with Sensirion SCD41 CO2 Sensor

Additional Information

All modules produced by Trenz Electronic are developed and manufactured in Germany.

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