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icoBoard Bundle = 20 Stück, Version 1.1 mit 1 MBit SRAM

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The icoBoard contains a Lattice FPGA with 8k LUT, 100 MHz max. clock, 1 MBit of SRAM and is... mehr
Produktinformationen "icoBoard Bundle = 20 Stück, Version 1.1 mit 1 MBit SRAM"

The icoBoard contains a Lattice FPGA with 8k LUT, 100 MHz max. clock, 1 MBit of SRAM and is programmable in Verilog by a complete open source FPGA toolchain.
The icoBoard is pin-compatible with the RaspberryPi 2B and all newer versions and any board using the same pinout. Bitstreams for programming the FPGA can directly be generated on the RaspberryPi.

Bei Bestellung diesen Artikels erhalten Sie insgesamt 20 icoBoards.

The ICE40 FPGA is a cheap FPGA without special hardware blocks like multipliers or SerDes or SDRAM interfaces. With its 8k LUT he is one of the smaller FPGAs, but large enough to hold significant projects like a complete Risc-V 32 bit SoC.

The icoBoard is a perfect learning tool to get the feet wet with logic circuit design in Verilog without having to do the heavy lifting of the professional huge programming tools from Xilinx or Altera.
When Professors want to introduce their students to Verilog, it is much easier for them to hand out the open source toolchain directly than to ask students to register with a manufacturer to get a student license and to install from the manufacturer several GByte.

The PMod connectors make it very easy to work with a wide variety of sensors and interfaces. A selection of PMod sensors can be found at

To load the bitstream into the flash memory of the icoBoard, a RaspberryPi is needed.


  • Lattice ICE40HX8k
  • Supported by the open source toolchain icoTC consisting of Yosys, ArachnePnR, icestorm
  • Mainly for learners and tinkerers
  • 4 PMod connectors with unbuffered 3.3 V interfaces
  • 4 by 16 100mil I/O connectors
  • 4 flatflex connectors with 36 3.3 I/O lines each
  • 16-Bit-wide 1 MBit SRAM
  • 16 MByte SPI Flash memory for storing 4 bitstreams or data
  • 3 programmable status LED, green
  • 2 push buttons

If icoBoard is connected to RaspberryPi, power is supplied by RaspberryPi. If icoBoard is operated standalone, 5V power need to be provided to the power supply pins.

A working microSD card image for the RaspberryPi with all tools is available for download.


Here is how you use the icoBoard with a RaspberryPi:

Optionales Zubehör

Peripherie Module von Digilent
Pmod is Digilent’s name for the line of over 60 peripheral modules that we offer to add extra functionality to both microcontrollers and FPGAs (field-programmable gate array). This functionality includes audio amplifiers, GPS receivers, USB to UART interface, seven-segment displays, accelerometers, H-bridges with input feedback, analog-to-digital converters, and much more.


20 x icoBoard Version 1.1 mit 1 MBit SRAM

Zusätzliche Informationen

- Website
- Schaltplan in unserem Downloadbereich oder auf Google Drive
- Support für das icoBoard wird durch eine Mailinglist bereitgestellt.

Alle von Trenz Electronic produzierten Module
werden in Deutschland entwickelt und gefertigt.

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